Hands-only cardiopulmonary resuscitation kits offered to Bonheur


Families with children with different medical needs now have access to faster basic needs.

This was the goal and the result of a fundraising campaign led by the West Tennessee Chapter of the American Heart Association, and Director Christy Futrell was on site at the outpatient center at Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital this week with a few donors to present 35 hand-only CPR kits to the hospital.

“We are giving them to the hospital so they can give them to families in need,” Futrell said. “Many families who come here have children who have chronic problems or who have faced something that will lead to a long-term recovery in which their child’s health is more fragile than it normally is.

“And this is a situation where the child’s heart could go into cardiac arrest. These hand-only CPR kits contain the equipment they need to perform CPR on their child, but they also come with a manikin and a training DVD to help them learn how to use it before they need to. to use it.

After the presentation, Futrell discussed the initiative outside the main doors of the hospital lobby. The first kit was given to a family with a young son, and the parents saw Futrell and were aware of the AHA’s involvement in providing them with the kit.

“Thank you very much,” the boy’s mother told Futrell as they made their way to their car after their date. “My son may see his heart stop, and that will help us if that happens.”

“And that’s why we do things like this,” Futrell said. “Saving lives is the main reason we do this, but also to give people like this the opportunity to sleep maybe a little better at night knowing they have help if they find themselves. in a horrible situation and little time to deal with it. . “

Each kit costs over $ 1,300.

“These kits can be the difference between life and death, so we’re happy to help make children and families safer,” said Futrell.

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