Loan to finance purchaser costs

Finance your buyer costs

Finance your buyer costs

A new-build house is almost always sold freely in your name with existing buildings the costs buyer are charged to you. These costs include all costs that relate to the purchase and financing of your home . These costs can run high so that most consumers want to finance the costs of the buyer instead of paying from their own resources.

Mortgage or consumer credit

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In most cases it was customary to finance the buyer costs by increasing the mortgage. This co-financing is still possible until the end of 2017; this option is no longer possible with effect from 2018. The maximum mortgage amount falls from 101% to 100%. There is no longer any room for financing the buyer costs. This not only applies to this loan objective but also to renovations such as a kitchen or bathroom or other wishes such as household effects or even a car that could be realized thanks to a mortgage increase.

Financing the buyer costs with the help of a consumer credit will become a widely used option. Our advisors can extensively advise you in advance what is the most suitable loan for you. In most cases, a personal loan is chosen; the interest, duration and monthly charges are fixed.

Fiscal advantage and extra penalty-free extra redemption

A personal loan has the advantage that the interest costs are tax deductible. This tax advantage does not offer the flexible form of revolving credit. You may redeem both of these types of loans during the term at any time during the term. Do you have the option to repay the loan in full? There are also no costs involved. Interim repayment on a mortgage was not always free of charge .

Calculate buyer costs

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You can calculate the buyer costs yourself. All costs that you have to pay to realize the purchase of your new home fall under the buyer costs. Think of appraisal costs, costs to the broker and notary. But also transfer tax and costs for the mortgage deed. All these costs added together form the costs buyer and this amount comes on top of the price the new house.

Exit online

Our credit specialists can advise you extensively about the options for financing your buyer costs. Of course you can also request a quote for the loan of your choice, free of obligation and free of charge, so that you can see what options you have. The loans that we provide are always tailor-made loans and at low interest rates and favorable conditions. You do not pay any extra costs for taking out a personal loan or revolving credit (for advice and taking out).

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