The best banks to work for – over $ 10 billion in assets


The largest of the best banks to work for is trying new approaches to recruiting talent.

Several of the top eight banks with over $ 10 billion in assets are looking to hire people outside of their market areas and broaden the types of candidates they’re willing to consider instead of just looking at those who have banking experience.

Enterprise Bank & Trust in St. Louis, Missouri, for example, recruits talent in markets where it does not have a physical presence, largely because executives there say they are now comfortable with employees working remotely.

Some of these banks are also stepping up their diversity efforts. First Busey in Champaign, Ill. Recently partnered with new human resources and recruiting platforms to reach a larger pool of talent. He also sought out external recruiting firms that prioritize diversity initiatives.

Another facet of its search for more diverse talent involves partnerships with other local institutions, such as the Department of Disability Educational Resources and Services at the University of Illinois.

The City National Bank of Florida, which actively recruits for about 100 jobs in its home state, has long used partnerships with local organizations as part of its broader efforts to recruit and train the next generation of bankers.

The US unit of Banco de Credito e Inversiones in Chile has a 15-year partnership with the Center for Financial Training at Miami Dade College and CareerSource of South Florida. Together, they run the Future Bankers’ Camp, which provides hands-on experience for high school students interested in careers in financial services.

In total, 90 banks have secured a spot in the 2021 ranking of the best banks to work for, with just eight of them having more than $ 10 billion in assets. By far the most important is Pinnacle Financial Partners in Nashville, Tennessee, a mainstay of the best banks list.

Scroll down to see what other banks are on the list, where they fall into that size category, and what they are doing when it comes to workforce strategies.

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